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Criterium-Dudka Engineers Blog

Seven Things You Must Know Before Conducting Your Next Reserve Study

CRITERIUM ENGINEERS in Association with Mitchell H. Frumkin, P.E., R.S

One of the primary business duties of Community Associations is maintaining and preserving property values of the Associations common property. To do this properly, Associations must develop funding plans for future repair or replacement of major common-area components. A Reserve Study is a budget planning tool that identifies the current status of the Reserve fund and a establishes a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the anticipated future major common-area expenditures. The Reserve Study consists of two parts: the physical analysis and the financial analysis.

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Building Codes - Myths and Reality

What is a building code? Is it a law? Or a guideline? Or a voluntary standard?

What do building codes mean to my home?

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Mold - Hype or Real Risk?

Increasingly, we are talking about specific kinds of mold, not just old mold. Is this a new problem or just one that our technology is now allowing us to detect more effectively?

Are we overreacting or should we be concerned? If we should be concerned, what products or actions are most effective? Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer.

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Stairways and Decks Aren’t Safe Unless their Railings Are Secure

You’re standing in the basement waiting for a friend, who is following you down the stairs.  Missing a step, your friend reaches for the railing, which breaks away from the wall.  This will not end well for your friend, who may be seriously injured or worse; a

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