Third Party Quality Assurance Construction Services

Criterium-Dudka Engineers’ in-depth knowledge of how building systems and assemblies work individually and collectively improves building performance and enhances your bottom line by reducing risks, warranty claims and call-backs. Our experience and expertise adds value to your project. Our understanding of what makes building systems succeed or fail, form the foundation for the independent, third-party quality assurance consulting services we provide for clients who are constructing new buildings, repairing or renovating existing ones. We have become industry leaders in this field because:

  • A licensed Professional Engineer reviews every report. This is not typical in our industry; it is, in fact, highly unusual.  A Criterium-Dudka Engineers quality assurance program is distinguished by a level of technical detail, construction knowledge and experience-based perspective that other engineering firms can’t match.
  • Criterium-Dudka Engineers develops customized inspection standards for each project, based on its unique characteristics and complexities – ours is not a one size fits all approach.
  • We look for quality in every aspect of a building, including its design and construction, but going well beyond that to include, among others:
    • Fire-rated assembly
    • Mechanical systems (including HVAC)
    • Acoustics
    • Accessibility features (compliance with the Americans with Disability Act)
  • Our field inspections are interactive. Engineering technicians work directly with the on-site construction teams to discuss inspection findings, answer questions and resolve problems. We are true partners in the quality assurance process.
  • Because we understand the construction process, we adjust to changing conditions and accommodate clients’ deadlines.
  • Criterium-Dudka Engineers inspection reports are unique. Inspectors use clear commentary and photos to explain and document conforming items, as well as nonconforming items, tracking a project’s strengths and flaws throughout the construction process. Our inspection reports highlight quality workmanship and help clients manage risk by documenting compliance with building codes, manufacturers’ installation guidelines and professional industry standards, and by providing evidence that identified non-conforming items have been corrected and not ‘covered up’.
  • Criterium-Dudka’s inspection reports create a searchable history of both conforming and non-conforming construction details. A final summary report, incorporating commentary and photos from the field reports, creates a permanent record for a client’s files through their statute of repose.

Criterium-Dudka Engineers has provided quality assurance and risk management services to hundreds of builders, general contractors, architects and owners for buildings of all types, sizes and uses. Learn how Criterium-Dudka can use its knowledge of building science and technology to help your construction project achieve your building quality goals and performance objectives.