The Home Inspector’s Role in the Home Buying Transaction

As I have traversed this great state of MA and spoken to home buyers, Realtors, mortgage companies, and even warranty companies, the message from each group varies:

“Are you a deal killer?”

“Is the home safe and built properly?”

“Is this property/asset worth the asking price?”

“Is something going to go wrong once the deal is closed?”

Each group has their own perspective and, quite frankly a valid and vested interest to protect the role they play in the transaction.   Misrepresentation of a property affects the seller starting with their disclosure survey all the way to the buyer, and everyone in between.  And despite the root cause, everyone’s reputation takes a hit.  And we know one bad internet review can have a significant impact.

A professional licensed Home Inspector also has vital a stake in the entire transaction process.  It’s critical we remain objective, factual, and pragmatic as we also have a reputation we must uphold.  At Criterium Dudka Engineers our reports are based on our observations.  Our observations go beyond check boxes.  We describe the buildings in plain language, with a narrative that explains what was observed, what may have caused a condition and some brief recommendations on how to proceed.  At Criterium Dudka Engineers we’re also Licensed Professional Engineers with the state of MA.  Our PE stamp enables us to diagnose potential reasons behind a condition allowing us to provide a perspective beyond a standard home inspection.

Protecting the safety and health of the buyer, the validation of the sellers disclosures, the realtor’s reputation in listing great homes, and the assurance the asset (the home) is market competitive, all add up to a requirement to have an objective and professional inspection.  In the 60 years Criterium Engineers have been inspecting homes, we have never killed a deal, however sometimes the major foundation issues, bug infestation, unsafe electrical systems, polybutylene plumbing (which is not necessarily always an issue by the way), or moldy attics did, and even then time and money will correct most any problem.

Massachusetts Home Inspections 

Are you looking for the right residential home inspector? Feel free to contact one of our licensed home inspectors and we will make sure that you understand your entire home inspection.

Andrew Dudka


Criterium Dudka Engineers


Hopkinton, MA