The Top 10 Construction Forensic Services Companies: Criterium-Dudka Engineers Earns Recognition

Criterium-Dudka Engineers proudly announces its recognition as one of the Top 10 Construction Forensic Services Companies by Construction Business Review.

Criterium-Dudka Engineers has received this prestigious acknowledgment due to its expertise in addressing complex water infiltration and building deterioration challenges across various property types, including suburban condominiums, high-rises, and historic brownstones.

With a commitment to excellence, the firm delivers innovative solutions while preserving the aesthetic and historical significance of structures. Notable successes include resolving water intrusion issues while maintaining architectural integrity.

Criterium-Dudka Engineers offers a range of services, including reserve studies, transition studies, and commercial property condition assessments, providing unwavering support to clients across multiple states.

The recognition by Construction Business Review underscores Criterium-Dudka Engineers’ dedication to excellence in construction forensic services.

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